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Poker Blogger Jay Newnum Gets Probation After Foxwoods Tip Box Theft – CCYMedia

Poker Blogger Jay Newnum Gets Probation After Foxwoods Tip Box Theft

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Poker Blogger Jay Newnum Gets Probation After Foxwoods Tip Box Theft

Poker Blogger Jay Newnum Gets Probation After Foxwoods Tip Box Theft

Former poker blogger Jay Newnum is stepping far from poker after receiving probation for stealing from a dealer’s tip jar (Image: betraisefoldmovie.com)

When you’re a poker blogger/reporter hired to cover a good-sized competition at a major land casino, probably building a move on the dealer’s tip box just isn’t your most useful decision ever. Apparently, not everybody grasps that reality, now from the ‘what were you thinking’ files comes news that 41-year-old probably-not-anymore poker blogger Jay Newnum has received probation for stealing almost $700 while covering a Foxwoods casino poker tourney on 16 of last year december.

One from Column A

The Fishers, Indiana writer apparently returned the stolen funds taken from the tip box reportedly snatched up using chopsticks, a visual we find pretty amusing during a Mega Stack Challenge $600 No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament held at the Mashantucket that is popular casino.

Newnum is going to be permitted to participate in something called ‘accelerated rehabilitation,’ a state court system that may wipe his record clean if he makes it through the probation period without using chopsticks on anything but chow mein and moo goo gai pan. Newnum dodged a bullet with this particular sentencing, as a maximum could have been brought by this class B misdemeanor of six months in jail along with up to $1,000 in punitive fines.

Despite the event occurring back in mid-December, there is nothing official released about the case from Connecticut authorities until late last week.

Keeping Quiet

Newnum himself has been pretty mum about the situation that is whole perhaps not that that should surprise anybody. a blog that is somewhat cryptic on his whojedi page refers to dealer’s union president Billy Shea, who reportedly had been the object of personal attacks after discussing the theft in his own web site articles. At fault seems to be under some kind of gag order whether self-inflicted or on advice of counsel, who knows but posted on his blog that he will ‘step far from the poker world indefinitely.’

Probably a wise move, since we doubt he’s going to secure much work from now on; he’s already been prohibited indefinitely from setting foot in Foxwoods again.

Newnum’s vague comments concerning the incident shed no light on how someone who obviously has spent plenty of time in casinos wouldn’t realize that the petty theft would be caught on eye-in-the-sky cameras, making it pretty hard to deny his wrongdoing.

In their final weblog remarks in the matter, he expressed support that is ongoing the poker community he will no longer become a part of:

‘Yesterday, I called Billy [Shea, dealer’s union president] myself. We spoke at length, not in what he had posted, but instead concerning the responses from the community. I hold no ill will against him, as he just did exactly what he felt he needed to do as union president. It in fact was a great discussion with Billy and I do appreciate him using the time for you to speak with me. I have invested a decade within the poker community, and have undoubtedly come to appreciate this game and the grouped family of people in it.

‘That being said, it seems for the best that I step away from the poker world indefinitely. I do want to say thank you to my family and my buddies, both inside and outside of poker, whom have been extremely supportive during this period. Finally, even that we understand it can. though i will not be a part of the poker world for now, I’ll still be rooting for the industry to continue to grow, expand, and enhance, in all of the ways’

Newnum ended up being one of approximately 21 poker professionals featured as an interviewee in the movie Bet Raise Fold, a poker documentary billed as ‘the story of online poker’ that debuted in mid-2013. It follows the increase and fall of internet poker pros, from the industry’s inception to the crash of Black Friday. Besides Newnum, many industry heavy hitters luminaries such as Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer, Tom Dwan and Tony Dunst are featured, with extra commentary from poker insiders, researchers and writers like Newnum.

US Casino Expansion Continues to power up in 2014

US casino expansion will continue unabated in 2014, despite what some experts say is market over-saturation.

It might be difficult to believe, but it was not that long ago when casino gambling within the usa was confined to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and an outposts that are few the south such as for instance Biloxi. Now it may appear like there’s hardly place throughout the nation where you are over a couple hours from the casino. You may still find some holdouts, but 30 states now have actually at least one casino, with plenty more coming soon. Here is a appearance at where things stand and where they may continue to go in the usa video gaming industry as we head into 2014.

Northeast Has growth that is most

By far, the absolute most expansion has been around the northeastern United States, which has become competitive to the point of saturation. Later last 12 months, New York voters approved an amendment to the state constitution which will permit as many as seven Las Vegas-style resort casinos to go into operation over the decade that is next. That could ultimately include one or more casinos positioned appropriate in New York City, but will start with casinos in a number of upstate zones. Bids are being taken from operators, therefore the winners is determined later this year.

New York is not the state that is only the area that has forced for casino expansion. In Massachusetts, there are still three casino licenses up for grabs, with word on who will win each license expected to come in April. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania which has 12 casinos of its own already will allow pubs to incorporate gambling machines this year, with significantly more than 2,500 bars reportedly expected to apply for licenses to do so. And in Maryland, there are already four casinos, with another opening this year and a sixth expected by 2016.

Most of this competition has come at the cost of the center that is former of Coast gambling, Atlantic City ( also to a smaller extent, Pennsylvania, which saw its profits fall slightly in 2012). The gaming revenues from the 12 Atlantic City gambling enterprises dropped below $3 billion for the first amount of time in 22 years in 2013, and the Atlantic Club Casino was forced into bankruptcy and closed within the very first thirty days of 2014. On the side that is bright on the web gaming was introduced, bringing in an additional $8.4 million within the last five months of the entire year once their online betting internet sites went online.

Newbies Join the Fray

Other states are considering including casinos for the time that is first or opening up their doors to larger results. For instance, Virginia’s home of Assembly is considering a bill that will allow for casino gambling at Hampton roadways which would mark the casino that is first of kind in their state. Meanwhile, Florida is eyeing a bill that would permit privately-operated casino resorts, though that has to be balanced against the $1 billion they currently receive annually from the Seminole Tribe, which now operates several venues and pays that amount to maintain the exclusive rights to provide card games in hawaii.

Ohio is looking at incorporating to its collection of gambling enterprises, too. With gambling revenues slipping slightly, the state is looking forward to the three new casinos that are expected to start here by July 2014.

Finally, some states are looking to improve their current facilities rather than build new ones. For instance, Mississippi’s gambling industry is nevertheless recovering a years that are few Hurricane Katrina, and hopes to speed that recovery with renovations and new hotels at several of their state’s 36 casino properties.

Borgata Winter Open Event #1 Cancelled When Fake Chips Detected

It was a start that is rocky this year’s Borgata Winter Open poker tournament, as suspected fake chips halted the big event (Image: NBC40.net)

They state that all you need to win a poker competition is a chip and a chair. Of course, having https://myfreepokies.com/indian-dreaming-slot-review/ a few chips that are extra enhance your odds and some players are not appearing to care where those chips come from.

Regulators Cancel Event

The event that is first of Borgata Winter Poker Open at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City was initially suspended on Friday, then fundamentally cancelled on Saturday on instructions from the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, after casino officials confirmed that the ‘significant number of fake chips’ had been in play during the competition. The suspension arrived after suspicions began to mount about the chips that are fake the function on Thursday night. The tournament staff made the decision to suspend the event before play was scheduled to resume at noon on Friday.

As of Monday, all prize money which had yet to be rewarded had been frozen although the investigation continued on orders from state regulators. The competition had been suspended with just 27 players remaining in contention. The event began with 4,814 players, every one of who paid a buy-in of $560. The top prize was to be $372,123, with a complete award pool of just over $2.4 million. If the tournament was halted, Allard Broedelet was the chip leader, holding more than 10.3 million chips.

Talk about a bad beat.

‘Thus far, investigators have actually found that several tournament entrants improperly introduced a significant number of counterfeit chips to the competition, gaining a unjust advantage and compromising the integrity of play for the big event,’ said Borgata president and chief running officer Tom Ballance.

‘It is excessively unfortunately that the criminal actions of the individuals can have a detrimental impact on more than 4,000 other entrants,’ he included. ‘The integrity of our games and the confidence of our players is of the importance that is utmost us.’

Possible denomination that is 5K Fake Chips

While details of the scheme haven’t yet been released by detectives, conjecture has run wild online, where players who took part in the event have tweeted pictures of what they claim are counterfeit chips. A twoplustwo.com forum thread has featured conversation suggesting that the fake chips were of the 5k denomination, and that there may have now been a lot more than $1 million in fake potato chips in play when the tournament was suspended.

The casino has not yet determined or at least made publicly clear what might happen with players’ entry fees to your event once the investigation is complete. They simply stated in an issued statement that ‘that all prize that is unpaid [will] be held in trust until more information and quality could be determined.’

As in any major casino, security is tight during the Borgata. Despite some stress on casino staff due to the enormous size of the event, there are still multiple cameras on every table, which could provide evidence as to who was behind the counterfeit potato chips. Neither casino nor state officials have actually talked about what (if any) evidence they have actually uncovered so far, however. No charges have yet been filed in connection to this case.

The cancellation of the first occasion did perhaps not slow the Borgata Winter Poker down Open as a whole. According to Ballance, the remainder regarding the tournament series will go on as scheduled.

‘We completely verified all remaining chips in our inventory, and are confident in moving forward with this tournament schedule as planned and approved by the nj-new Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement,’ he stated.