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We all know in which famous tier from Several Good Men , ‘You want the facts? You can’t deal with the truth! ‘ It’s very hard sometimes to handle the facts within the college environment and what your youngster will be exposed to while living regarding campus. Quite often we would fairly remain uninformed.

When our daughter together with son were definitely teenagers most of us used the time period TMI (too much information). As they travelled off to school and the Sea Corps, I noticed myself using that expression more often every time they wanted to advise me involving risks that they taken or possibly went right into detailed grammar of their pal’s sex sortie (ewww… TMI! )

An excessive amount of information can be quite a bit overpowering at times. Nonetheless having the PROPER information may and will alleviate your mind as your college-bound teen prepares for college together with leaving home. For the reason that vein, I’d like to share a number of helpful websites that I obtained while checking The Most memorable Kid for Campus by just Harlan Cohen. (Check out and about my article on the book and opt for yourself in place a copy).

Students utilizing Disabilities

But if your college-bound kid has a learning disability, you will need to know the processes and packages on campus that give these the proper school support. You can actually follow the website link below within the Department connected with Education to learn about the courses and companies that are made available in post-secondary education.

Safe practices

Every father or mother worries about their child’s health and safety when they depart to college. Secure to consider specified colleges, that it is helpful to be familiar with the crime statistics regarding campus. The web link below provides you with specific campus crime facts regarding dwelling halls, disciplinary action, legal offenses, along with drug along with liquor violations.


We were confronted with hazing when my very own daughter pledged a sorority in university or college. It angered me i didn’t realize where to change for assistance. If your adolescent is considering Greek lifetime while in university or college, familiarize yourself with http://www.HazingPrevention.org . It will probably provide you with backlinks to state law regulations, resources and even vital facts.

Sexually Fed Diseases

This is often every parent’s nightmare although having this information will help your personal help your child know the data before these head off to college and a environment where ‘hooking up’ is definitely commonplace involving students. Follow the link beneath to learn as to what Harlan Cohen calls ‘common college sexual activity souvenirs’.

Alcohol Abuse

Binge ingesting is as frequent on university campuses simply because eating and even sleeping. The main unfortunate fact is that while your college-bound teen will enter campus as an underage adult, beer will be available. Take some time in advance of they give to talk to these individuals about the perils associated with alcohol. Listed below are some links as opposed to help:

Erotic Assault and Harassment

Since we’ve set up that sexual intercourse on campus will happen, it stands to reason of which assaults and also harassment can even occur. Your child needs to discover BEFORE some people move into the exact dorm how to handle it and how to respond if/when these kinds of situations develop. Follow the back links below to build up information plus talking tips for your child and also them responsive to the resources that you can get to them.

College websites

Take the time on college websites. Investigate the student message boards. Read the learner newspaper. Look at college internet pages on Facebook or myspace and carry out them regarding Twitter. Learn all you may about the institutions your teen can be considering so that you can help them make an informed choice when the time frame comes. In such a case, TMI fails to apply!

And 107 Other Complications You Might Come across in School (Updated 3 rd edition)

Now I’m reviewing another involving Harlan Cohen’s books and may also I just declare one word of mouth: WOW! The book includes everything you always wanted to know about college or university roommates still were afraid to ask… and so much more.

Together with graduation getting close, this e book should be your #1 school gift per college-bound kid. They should learn it prior to heading off to college and bring it with you with them to help campus. Harlan describes their book in the introduction:

It’s based upon what current day’s college students will be honestly wondering, feeling, as well as doing in today’s university or college campuses. Great schools perform great job to getting students straight into college, still once on campus, handful of students understand what to expect. Gowns what this book is centered on to help you count on the unanticipated so that should the unexpected comes up, it won’t become so hard to control.

The main book is actually published within an easy to read, reference and remember format:

  • The Tip Quick tips to deal with each specified subject: coming on campus, residence arrivée, roommates, choosing friends, having involved, Historic life, lifetime inside the portable, dating in addition to relationships, making love, drinking, medicines, money, factors not mentioned in the higher education brochure, retrieve balls saying good bye when you masteral.
  • Situation behind the tip These are true college tales from authentic students worded in such a way that your company college-bound kid can relate with and understand.
  • The exact advice Following tip plus the story, will come the information. This involves experience (from Harlan as well as others) and they often from university professionals considering in for the problem.
  • The Bottom Line Harlan summarizes what their college-bound teenager needs to study from the tip and also puts it all into easy, easy to consider language.
  • Harlan’s Tips Sheet This particular appears at the end of each chapter offering assets, websites, customs essay writing brief summary tips and details.

This specific book is easy to read along with packed with as well as information for any soon-to-be student. Invest in this specific book when you are a parent of an college-bound teenager because institution is all about Tip#1-Expect the Unanticipated!