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Dan Bilzerian Announces Presidential Campaign Launch Party – CCYMedia

Dan Bilzerian Announces Presidential Campaign Launch Party

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Dan Bilzerian Announces Presidential Campaign Launch Party

Dan Bil<span id="more-30658"></span>zerian Announces Presidential Campaign Launch Party

Dan Bilzerian says he will be launching his 2016 bid that is presidential this thirty days.

Look out, America: Dan Bilzerian might be your next just president.

Well, at the least within the sense that is same anyone who’s eligible might become president, that is.

Bilzerian has established that he’ll be establishing their presidential campaign on Wednesday, June 24 at the Marquee, a high-end nightclub in ny City.

Bilzerian, who is better referred to as King of Instagram, could be making his attempt that is first to for public office (that we know of).

It goes without saying that it is possible, just maybe, that Bilzerian is focusing more in the celebration side of things compared to the launch of any campaign that is real.

But there’s very small fun to be had by pointing out how legitimate Bilzerian’s campaign may or may not be, so let’s go as though he were a real candidate: after all, his candidacy isn’t much less likely that than of, say, Donald Trump with it and speak of him.

Bilzerian Suits Qualifications for Presidency

First of all, there are the questions over whether or perhaps not Bilzerian could be eligible to run for the presidency. Unlike Barack Obama or Ted Cruz, nobody are questioning where Bilzerian was born, nonetheless they might have a few issues about when he entered the planet.

A candidate must be 35 years of age, and Bilzerian is but 34 years young in order to run for the presidency of the United States.

Fortunately, the important thing is a candidate’s age regarding the date of the election; since Bilzerian will turn 35 this December, he’ll make that cutoff with almost a year to spare.

What Nomination Will He Seek?

The next question, then, is what party’s nomination Bilzerian will seek. Given their affinity for weapons, and a photo Bilzerian uploaded last Christmas that showed him with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California), one might assume Bilzerian would join the very crowded GOP industry.

But Dan strikes us as something of a guy that is independent so there isn’t any reason to think he won’t go his own way and follow in the footsteps of great Independent presidential candidates like Ross Perot.

He may even start his party that is own might phone it the Instagram Party, and instantly register his 9.8 million followers as celebration members.

Scandals Could Doom Campaign

Unfortunately, any promising campaign that is presidential the potential to be derailed by scandal. And in case there’s something that Dan Bilzerian knows, it’s just how to be a component of a scandal that is excellent.

In April 2014, Bilzerian was sued by porn actress Janice Griffith her off of a roof and into a pool for part of a Hustler photoshoot after he tried to throw.

Unfortunately, Griffith hit the ground short of the pool, breaking her foot.

In Bilzerian was kicked out of a Miami nightclub after striking model Vanessa Castano in a brawl, though Bilzerian claimed the actions came in defense of a woman he was at the club with august.

In he was then arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on charges related to bomb-making after causing an explosion on federal lands near Las Vegas december.

That instance ultimately led to your most prominent public service of Bilzerian’s life. As element of the plea deal he reached, he decided to film a public service statement for the Bureau of Land Management; supporters of Bilzerian’s campaign should hope than he did when telling people to use public lands responsibly that he shows a little more enthusiasm while running for president.

Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Facing Ethics Research

Stephen Crosby is facing an ethics research over his actions during the approval of the Wynn Resorts casino in Everett. (Image: Greg Saulmon/The Republican)

The Massachusetts casino licensing procedure has been fraught with lawsuits, accusations and campaigns for and against every proposed project, making it one of many many gaming that is contentious seen anywhere in the usa.

The controversies over allowing gambling enterprises into the continuing state have seemed in the future at every degree, and even hawaii’s video gaming commission isn’t immune from questions about the process.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby is under investigation by the State Ethics Commission over allegations that he may have had a conflict of interest when reviewing the Wynn Resorts proposal to build a resort in Everett.

The issue is that the Everett resort was being built on land that was owned by the old friend of Crosby’s, Paul Lohnes.

Sworn Statement Prompted Investigation

Reportedly, the ethics commission launched the inquiry after getting a sworn declaration suggesting that Crosby ‘actively participated’ in the state video gaming payment’s focus on evaluating the Everett bid even from being a part of the process to award the Greater Boston casino license after he had officially recused himself.

‘Crosby actively participated in the commission’s activities related to the award after claiming to have recused himself,’ the declaration read. ‘in my opinion their actions violated several chapters of the state conflict-of-interest law.’

The identity of the person who wrote the statement is unclear at this point.

But, the Boston Globe reported that the writer associated with statement did provide to meet with the State Ethics Commission to speak about details associated with the allegations, and they thought Crosby’s actions could be enough to rescind the casino license that was awarded to Wynn Resorts year that is last.

While a spokesperson for the Ethics Commission didn’t verify that there was any research into Crosby’s tasks, Crosby himself acknowledged that he was the main topic of an ethics probe.

‘I have rigorously adhered to all regulations and guidance provided to be by the State Ethics Commission over the last three years,’ Crosby said in a statement. ‘we am completely cooperating in what I realize to become a initial inquiry and I look forward to an expedient resolution of that inquiry.’

Gaming Commission Also Facing Lawsuit

The ethics research is likely to tread over much of the territory that is same the lawsuit against the Gaming Commission filed by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

That suit recommends that the commission violated the state’s casino legislation on numerous occasions to be able to make certain that the Wynn would win the Boston-area casino license over a competing proposition in Revere.

Crosby’s potential conflict of interest became a topic that is hot 2013. That August, Crosby unveiled Lohnes when state police to his friendship were investigating whether Lohnes had secret partners that shared ownership of his land, and whether those partners might have criminal documents.

After Crosby disclosed that relationship, the Ethics Commission stated that Crosby could continue to vote on matters linked to the license and the Everett proposal.

However, Crosby sat away from a 2013 debate over whether the land could still be used for the wynn project december.

In-may 2014, Crosby recused himself from all deliberations on the license that he had attended a Kentucky Derby party at Suffolk Downs, the home of the proposed Revere casino after it was reported.


IOC Parting Ways With SportAccord

SportAccord comes with an uncertain future following the resignation of Marius Vizer as president. (Image: Dmitry Lovetsky/Associated Press)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has withdrawn both financing and recognition of SportsAccord, the organization that had offered as an umbrella organization for the large numbers of worldwide sports federations.

The move uses SportAccord president Marius Vizer resigned week that is last.

Vizer began facing heat both through the IOC and many of SportAccord’s member federations after Vizer attacked IOC President Thomas Bach and the organization itself during a fiery message in Sochi, Russia in April.

That did not stay well with many the sports organizations that had united under SportAccord, with more than two dozen either withdrawing from the federation or suspending their ties for the time being.

With SportAccord now in chaos and facing an uncertain future, the IOC decided in their meetings in Lausanne to disassociate using the human anatomy.

‘we are suspending our recognition and we will withhold our funding until these relevant questions are answered and an agreement between the stakeholders was reached,’ the IOC said.

IOC to Provide Anti-Doping Services

For the $300,000 that the IOC offered annually for SportAccord, about $160,000 of that amount went to anti-doping programs.

The IOC has said that it might assist provide some anti-doping solutions to recreations federations that those sports had previously been receiving from SportAccord.

‘We do n’t need the athletes that are clean suffer in almost any way using this vacuum,’ the IOC stated in a declaration. ‘We are offering the worldwide federations concerned all the services and advice in the fight against doping which have now been offered to date by SportAccord and financed by the IOC and [the World Anti-Doping Agency].’

‘ We will be making the offer that is same regard to good governance as well as on match-fixing and planet 7 oz coupons no deposit related corruption, plus the IOC is ready to supply this support directly,’ the declaration proceeded. ‘We must ensure that there’s not really a vacuum in this ongoing procedure.’

Future events that were expected to be held beneath the SportsAccord banner are also in question. Based on insidethegames, Russia has withdrawn from a contract to host next year’s SportAccord Convention in Sochi.

And it might very well happen under a new organization specifically created to organize that convention while it seems that many international sports federations want to find a new host for the annual meeting.

Vizer Wanted More Transparency

Vizer’s resignation arrived after he had outlined an agenda that he felt will allow the international governing bodies for Olympic sports to have more away from the event, calling the existing IOC structure ‘expired, outdated, wrong, unjust and not at all transparent.’

His ideas included prize that is adding for athletes at the Olympics and increasing the amount of Olympic revenue that would go directly to the worldwide federations to 25 percent, along with ensuring the complete independence associated with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

While Vizer later on resigned, he stood by his proposals.

‘Everything I proposed is right and we wish to have opened a door that had been closed for a hundred years, and I am hoping it remains open forever for the main benefit of sport as well as its values,’ Vizer said. ‘Today, the system working behind the doors is dictated by nobility games or family inherited titles, or by members appointed for life and I hope that as time goes by, the fundamental criteria associated with the system will likely be dictated by the achievements in sport, professionalism, performances, fair-play, transparency plus the courage to express the reality.’